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  • I just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job with our mailing. Working with the people at MASS Communications was a pleasure. You were quick to respond to my questions and I felt my campaign was in good hands. Thanks Again!
    Janet Real-estateWorcester, MARead More Testimonials
  • You are awesome!! Thank you so much Debi - We are so excited that the mailing will get to the PO today - it makes such a difference. Let us know if we can do anything else.
    KNew England HospitalRead More Testimonials
  • This project was so critical for our member requirements. We needed the letters produced and mailed with 100% accuracy, and as always, MASS Communications delivered, Thank You
    JoeVP Insurance CompanyRead More Testimonials
  • Our Open Enrollment mailing is one of the most complicated mailings we do each year. Year after year, we have relied on MASS Communications, to complete the kits with timely accuracy. We wouldn't trust this to any other vendor. Thank you for all your terrific effort.
    SusanHuman Resource Director, HospitalRead More Testimonials

Medical Specialists

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1,323,364 @ $65/M
This is a comprehensive list of medical doctors, physicians, and specialists licensed by state and certification boards. Specialties include family physicians, pediatricians, surgeons, cardiologists and pulmanologists, internal medicine physicians, and doctors who practice obsterics and gynecology.
Reach these medical specialists at business address for offers on seminars, subscriptions, books, recruitment and any other medical and healthcare related offers.
FILE NUMBER 1212.1204
Specialty Quantity
Allergy & Immunology 7,017
Anatomic/Pathology 20,975
Anesthesiology 46,480
Cardiovascular 37,806
Chiropractor 8,117
Clinical 7,855
Critical Care 5,301
Cytogenetics/Cytopatholgy 1,573
Dermatology 15,272
Emergency Medicine 38,448
Endocrinology 7,251
Gastroenterology 14,926
General/Family Physicians 158,702
Genetics Biomolecular Genetics 1,344
Geriatric 7,335
Hand Surgery 3,422
Hematology 8,168
Infectious Disease 7,711
Internal Medicine 194,409
Nephrology 12,444
Neurology 34,651
Nuclear Medicine 3,211
Obstetrics & Gynecology 56,239
Oncology 10,132
Ophthalmology 24,875
Optometry 26,941
Orthopedic 41,325
Orthopedic Surgery 18,763
Osteopathy 33,860
Otolaryngology 13,618
Pain Management 2,929
Pathology 11,232
Pediatrics 98,095
Public Health 3,790
Physical Medicine & Rehab 13,274
Plastic Surgery 8,708
Podiatry 9,153
Preventive Medicine 3,581
Psychiatry 63,796
Psychologists 74,069
Pulmonary Disease 13,119
Base Pricing (One Time Use): $65.00/M
Base Pricing (Unlimited Use): $130.00/M
Minimum (One Time Use): $325.00
Minimum (Unlimited Use): $650.00
Updated: Quarterly
Source: Trade Directories
Geography $10.00/M
Geography Imports* $10.00/M
Specialty $10.00/M
Gender $10.00/M
Location $10.00/M
One Per Address $10.00/M
Telephone Numbers** $25.00/M
Fax Numbers $40.00/M
CD $50.00/F
Email Delivery $55.00/F
Misc. Media*** Please Inquire
Misc Processing Fee*** Please Inquire
Keycoding $10.00/M
Title Addressing $10.00/M
File Splitting/Parts $10.00/M
Rush Fee (Within 3 working days) Min. $50/F $10.00/M
Upon PO $50.00/F
+ Running Charges $25.00/M
After Shipping 100%
* Geography Imports (25+ Zips/SCF's) ($10/M - Minimum $50.00/Setup Fee: $25.00/F)
**Telephone Numbers: $25.00/M (Name, Company, Phone, State)
** Telephone Numbers Full Record $25.00/M (2X Base/Min plus $25/M)
*** MISC. Media Please Inquire
*** MISC. Processing Fee: Please Inquire
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