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  • I just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job with our mailing. Working with the people at MASS Communications was a pleasure. You were quick to respond to my questions and I felt my campaign was in good hands. Thanks Again!
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  • You are awesome!! Thank you so much Debi - We are so excited that the mailing will get to the PO today - it makes such a difference. Let us know if we can do anything else.
    KNew England HospitalRead More Testimonials
  • This project was so critical for our member requirements. We needed the letters produced and mailed with 100% accuracy, and as always, MASS Communications delivered, Thank You
    JoeVP Insurance CompanyRead More Testimonials
  • Our Open Enrollment mailing is one of the most complicated mailings we do each year. Year after year, we have relied on MASS Communications, to complete the kits with timely accuracy. We wouldn't trust this to any other vendor. Thank you for all your terrific effort.
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1,409,875 @ $75/M
1,409,875 Professors by Subject Taught @ +$15.00/M
Comprehensive list of Professors at 2 Year and 4 Year Schools selectable by Subject taught. Professors typically teach several different related courses in their subject, prepare lectures, exercises, and laboratory experiments; grade exams and papers; and advise and work with students individually. Professors tend to keep up with developments in their field by reading current literature and participating in professional conferences. Many professors publish their findings in journals, books, and electronic media. Professors extensively use computer technology, including the Internet, E-mail, and software programs.
The Professors list is the most comprehensive way for you to reach Professors for offers on Seminars, Subscriptions, Books, Recruitment or any other educational or consumer offer.
FILE NUMBER 1212.1213
Subject/Area Quantity
Professors        1,409,875
Junior Colleges        367,600
Senior Colleges        1,042,750
Agriculture and Animal Science        31,895
Allied Health        64,530
Business        138,990
  Accounting and Tax        22,895
  Finance        17,005
  Management        50,936
  Marketing        20,920
Communications        83,544
  Journalism        16,513
  Speech        20,186
Computer Science        77,300
Dental Science        11,425
Education        136,980
  Elementary and Early Education    31,145
  Middle School Education        16,101
  Secondary Education        22,047
  Special Education        11,672
Engineering        60,845
  Civil Engineering        7,200
  Electrical Engineering        12,167
  Industrial Engineering        7,906
  Mechanical Engineering        10,040
English        136,705
Fine and Applied Arts        155,945
  Architecture        12,995
  Art        53,270
  Cinema        8,881
  Dance        9,341
  Music        49,395
  Theatre        20,342
Foreign Language        50,225
General Studies        43,560
Humanities        10,897
Interdisciplinary Studies        121,525
Law        37,580
Mathematics        95,390
  Algebra        33,226
  Calculus        23,604
  Probability and Statistics        27,653
Medicine        141,625
Military Science         4,200
Natural Sciences        143,280
  Anatomy        13,364
  Biological Sciences        66,360
  Chemistry        35,230
  Geology        12,980
  Physics        22,710
Nursing        49,885
  Clinical Nursing        16,349
Physical Education        66,290
  Athletic Administrators        13,964
  Coaches        29,304
Social Science        255,910
  Anthropology        21,870
  Economics        27,380
  History        58,255
  Political Science        37.39
  Psychology        77,945
  Social Work        17,810
  Sociology        41,770
Base Pricing (One Time Use): $75.00/M
Minimum (One Time Use): $375.00
Updated: Quarterly
Source: Trade Directories
Geography $10.00/M
Geography Imports* $10.00/M
Two or Four Yeaqr School $15.00/M
Demographic Select $10.00/M
Subject Taught $10.00/M
Teacher/Professor Specialty $15.00/M
One Per Address $10.00/M
Telephone Numbers** $25.00/M
Fax Numbers $40.00/M
Websites $25.00/M
CD $50.00/F
Email Delivery $55.00/F
Misc. Media*** Please Inquire
Misc Processing Fee*** Please Inquire
Keycoding $10.00/M
Title Addressing $10.00/M
File Splitting/Parts $10.00/M
Rush Fee (Within 3 working days) Min. $50/F $10.00/M
Upon PO $50.00/F
+ Running Charges $25.00/M
After Shipping 100%
* Geography Imports (25+ Zips/SCF's) ($10/M - Minimum $50.00/Setup Fee: $25.00/F)
**Telephone Numbers: $25.00/M (Name, Company, Phone, State)
** Telephone Numbers Full Record $25.00/M (2X Base/Min plus $25/M)
*** MISC. Media Please Inquire
*** MISC. Processing Fee: Please Inquire
Download the Datacard Now